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The guesthouse hotel has a number of different types of room. Spacious and even more spacious, with special beds for the whole family; they’re fun and practical, too. Your stay might not be a long one, but it will be memorable! Special and very comfortable rooms. The perfect place to relax after a long day of activities!

our facilities

YOUR Garden

Whether you’re in the city, a village or in an apartment building, everyone wants to be able to go outside and that’s possible at ghh! Our garden will give you that true outdoor feeling. And there’s always something to discover! Want to relax, do some gardening or something else? Everything is possible!

let our garden inspire you

YOUR living room

A guesthouse without a living room is like a room without a bed. We of course have a nice place for you to read your book, get together and meet other guesthouse guests.
Want to have a drink at the bar or a nice chat about the fun you had today? You can do just that in your living room!

Use our interactive screen to discover all the things the area has to offer!
In your living room, you can eat an extensive meal, but also order small snacks and pizza slices, which
are delivered from guesthouse kitchen

feel at home in the living room
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Something to celebrate, to discuss or simply looking for a place for a group of guests? We have a number of spaces that will suit your needs. It’ll feel like you’re meeting around the dining table

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YOUR Fitness

We’ve mapped out the most beautiful running routes from our hotel for you. With routes from 5, 10 to 15 kilometres through the beautiful loon and drunen dunes, you’ll be able to release all your pent up energy.

Do you enjoy running or cycling in good weather, but still want to stay fit the rest of the time? Then come check out our small gym. Sure, it’s very small, but you can still exercise indoors, just like you do on that treadmill at home!

GuestHouse Hotel Fitness
GuestHouse Hotel - YOUR Playground

YOUR Playground

For kids there is a small play area in the living room, and outside in the garden there’s a fun hut with a slide and sandbox. For older children, but of course for adults as well, there are many fun games to be found in the roof garden, such as foosball, air hockey, table tennis and billiards. Bored? That’s not a word we’re familiar with. And, dear parents and grandfathers and grandmothers; playing keeps you young!



You can use our free wifi network throughout the hotel.

Rent a bath service

Rent a bath for your infant or toddler! We’ll bring it to you; all you have to do is fill it up! With a rubber duck!

GuestHouse Parking

It couldn’t be easier.
When visiting the efteling you can park your car at the hotel, store your things in the luggage room and walk straight over to the park. It’s only 500 metres away. The parking lot has cctv surveillance and is closed at night, so it’s very safe. By the way, we also have a limited number of bicycles available.

Rain proof service

Nobody likes to walk in the rain. Guesthouse offers a number of services for when it rains. There are special guesthouse umbrellas, guesthouse ponchos and guesthouse rain boots for little ones.

Bedtime stories

Every evening during the high season, the little ones can gather in their pyjamas at 7 pm. They can enjoy listening to a bedtime story in the lobby (or in the roof garden when the weather’s nice).

Hotel to the rescue

Guesthouse hotel offers various services to “rescue” guests:

  • Backup mobile and telephone chargers.
  • A small shop with items guests may have forgotten to bring
  • A babyphone service

GuestHouse Snooze Package

After a long exhausting day, everyone enjoys sleeping in. To this end, guesthouse hotels offers the snooze package. With it, you can choose to lie in a little longer and get some extra sleep, and we extend your check out time to 1 pm instead of 11 am.